Preschool bans Heroes

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Censorship


Today’s article is not another person that is not about someone being stupid in the geek community. Instead once again it is attack against the geek community that I feel needs to be talked about. That’s why I keep doing these posts at all so dialogue gets started. Feel free to leave comments people.

In an unnamed Pre-school, a letter was sent out to the parents of students insisting that Superhero, wrestling, and Monster play would not be permitted. They insist that this type of play is dangerous and they are just looking out for the well being of the children. The letter goes on to say that parents should also make sure to monitor all media that their children are watching (this is the only part of the letter that I personally agreed with).

The idea that they would actually try and regulate kid’s imagination is sickening to begin with. I remember when I was a kid and used to play pretend with my friends at recess. We used to play Godzilla all the time around the play ground and none of us got sent to the nurse’s office. As a matter of fact it was only when we got away from play Heroes or Godzilla that injures actually were inflicted. Once sports equipment and playground structures were added into the mix were injuries finally achieved. I personally find it insulting that they would try to tell kids they can’t use their imaginations. I mean if we start stifling out kids, where will it end? “Sorry Jimmy, you can’t be president. You have a speech impediment.” Think about it people.

Link: Comics Beat

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  1. Chelsea says:

    How are they going to stop it anyway? I don’t know where there school is but when I was a kid they didn’t have enough people around to regulate what we were playing. I hope those kids rebel an still play what they want. I can understand parents keeping an eye on media but imaginations should never be restricted. Instead of telling kids playing pretend is bad why don’t they go after something that really matters: BULLYING

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